How to Use Tellie to Sign a Record Deal: Tawnted

Tawnted is soon to be a household name. It was the perfect partnership from the start — a personable, undiscovered talent and an immersive venue to showcase his music and creatively tell his story. 

He had a knack for creating trending TikToks that would prompt people to click his link-in-bio to learn more. His fans would experience his music in a branded, interactive Tellie Set — all without leaving TikTok. Once Tawnted cultivated TikTok users into true fans using Tellie, they clicked through at over 10x the average TikTok CTR to follow him on all channels and stream his music. 

Within 6 weeks of having Tellie in his bio, Tawnted gained 130k TikTok followers (430% growth) and 5,400 Spotify followers (100% growth). This helped his monthly listeners increase by 120% and led to 240k streams for his single “Start a War.”

By using a Tellie Set as his link-in-bio, Tawnted stood out among musicians releasing music on TikTok. Within 22 days of joining Tellie, Tawnted signed a record deal. 

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