Create a Token-Gated Merch Page Using the Code Tile!

By adding a Code Tile, we went from supporting 1,900+ sites with our Instant Embed Tile to supporting anything with an HTML code. One of the most-anticipated use cases this opens up is adding a Shopify Store to a Page. Your fans can now buy your products without ever leaving your Tellie page.

To fully take advantage of Tellie’s capabilities, here’s step-by-step instructions on how to drop exclusive merch for token holders using the tools you already use – featuring a token-gated page that embeds a Shopify store and cart.

Prep Your Merch

Regardless of what platform or tool you use to manage your merch, you want to either password protect or hide an item from the general store.


To hide an item from your Shopify store…

1. Create a Collection called "Token Gated"

  • Uncheck all of the items under Collection availability
  • Change the Collection Type to Manual

2. Create a Collection called "All"

  • This will override Shopify's built in All option which shows all of your products so the Token Gated products are truly hidden
  • Check all of the items under Collection availability
  • Change the Collection type to Automated
  • Under conditions add…
  • Products must match All Conditions
  • Product Type is not equal to Token Gated

3. Add the Product you want to hide

  • Uncheck all of the options under Sales & Channels
  • Under Product Type add Token Gated
User-uploaded Image
  • Add the Product to the Token Gated collection you created in Step 1

4. Copy the Product Link

  • Product Page
  • Click "View" to open the direct link to the product on your store
  • Direct Checkout
  • Click "More Actions" and copy the Create Checkout Link button

Create Your Page


Make your drop 🔥 by uploading a background image that sets the tone.


We're going to embed your Shopify products using the Code Tile.

1. On Shopify, under Sales Channels, find the Buy Button

User-uploaded Image

2. Decide whether you're promoting a single Product or a Collection of Products

User-uploaded Image

3. Select your Product or Collection, customize your embed with the colors, text, and other settings you want, then hit Next

4. Copy the embed code from Shopify

User-uploaded Image

5. Create a Code Tile on your Tellie Page

User-uploaded Image

6. Paste the embed code from Shopify

User-uploaded Image

Next we want to provide drop details and graphics.

Add a Text Tile to add details on the drop, like the meaning or theme behind it.

Create a Gallery Tile to use a story format and imagery to tease any additional visuals or look books you have for the Drop.

Videos (Optional)

If you have any media or content on YouTube to go with your merch, paste in the links and create a playlist that plays alongside your drop. On mobile, this will appear at the top of the page.

Add the Token Gate

To grant access to the page just for token holders (NFTs, social tokens, meme tokens, etc) click on the Settings gear and open the Token Gate dropdown.

1. Check the box to Require a Token to open this Set

2. Paste in the Contract Address for the token. For NFTs you can generally find this under Details on popular NFT platforms like OpenSea or Rarible.

User-uploaded Image

3. Choose the amount of tokens someone has to hold in their wallet to open the page. For NFTs, we recommend you leave the number at 1.


You're done and ready to share! Publish your page and copy the link to share with your community.

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