Create a Token-Gated Event Pre-Sales Page

Rewarding your token supporters with early access to your latest concert, tour, or event has never been easier!

We're going to create a token-gated page that…


Prep Your Event

Regardless of what platform or tool you use to manage your event logistics, you want to create a promo code / password that gives anyone with that code early access to register.

Here are some quick tutorials for popular event tools:

Create Your Page


Make your event pop by uploading a background image to set the stage.


First we want to provide the promo code for token holders to buy tickets early.

Next we want to provide event details and graphics.

Using Eventbrite

If using Eventbrite to manage your event logistics, you can copy the link to your event and embed the full checkout flow directly on Tellie!

To get started, set up your event and details and set it to Private.

Create a new Instant Embed Tile and paste the link to your event into the URL box.

You should see your event checkout flow directly in the new Tile! Give the Tile a name like Register and you're ready to go.

Videos (Optional)

If you have any media or content on YouTube to go with your event, paste in the links and create a playlist that plays alongside your event details. On mobile, this will appear at the top of the page.

Add the Token Gate

To grant access to the page just for token holders (NFTs, social tokens, meme tokens, etc) click on the Settings gear and open the Token Gate dropdown.

1. Check the box to Require a Token to open this Set

3. Paste in the Contract Address for the token. For NFTs you can generally find this under Details on popular NFT platforms like OpenSea or Rarible.

User-uploaded Image

3. Choose the amount of tokens someone has to hold in their wallet to open the page. For NFTs, we recommend you leave the number at 1.


You're done and ready to share! Publish your page and copy the link to share with your community.

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