Case Study: Increase Your Product Sales with Tellie

Tellie is the perfect place to showcase merchandise in your own branded venue. Our Shop Tile allows creators to easily set up a clickable, visual store paired with the relevant content it relates to—turning a simple link-in-bio into an immersive store. The results speak for themselves. 

Future Gods, a label using Tellie since February 2021, was focused on helping their artists’ digital sales until they tried our Shop Tile. Within 2 weeks of updating their Set with a Shop Tile, they sold 6x more vinyls over the entire previous year!

With nothing else pointing to vinyl sales besides their Shop Tile, it’s a true testament to what’s possible when you can build a meaningful connection and intent to purchase among your fans.

Check out to see what Future Gods is currently promoting with their Tellie Set, and consider buying a vinyl! 

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