Case Study: Boost Your Spotify Followers With Tellie

Helping undiscovered artists is part of our DNA. Instead of a standard pre-save campaign, we worked with Lutalo to identify the best way to help him stand out while promoting his upcoming single “Bad Man” — with a Spotify Follow Campaign. 

Lutalo’s goal was to increase his Spotify followers by 50 in one week (+64% than his monthly average). To accomplish this, he built a Tellie Set that teased “Bad Man” and easily pointed fans to follow him on Spotify. 

Just one day after launching his Tellie Set as his link-in-bio, Lutalo achieved his follow goal, and by the end of the week he had crushed his monthly follow benchmark by 300%. 

Directing to Lutalo’s Tellie Set and getting fans to follow him on Spotify translated to deeper engagement. They entered his Tellie Set and got hooked — during the week after launching his Set, Lutalo saw a 42% increase in streams and a 34% increase in listeners.

Check out to stay up to date with Lutalo and, of course, give him a follow on Spotify.

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